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Plumbing fixtures for your shower


A beautiful rainbow sink.


A stylish glass sink and faucet


Urinals for your business


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In the last 30 years Tri-R Plumbing has never had to return to a job done wrong!

Why call our plumbers? There are many things around the house that may seem easy to repair like fixing a leaky faucet. Unfortunately, 'easy' is not usually the case. Oh yeah, if you are really handy with tools and have lots of spare time, you may be able to get the job done. But, ask yourself, how much damage am I going to do while doing it and how much of my precious family time is going to be wasted in the process? Keep in mind that most faucets are delicate - you can break them without much effort at all. When you buy the faucet repair kit, did you get the one made by the faucet manufacturer, ie, is it a quality kit? Do you have a washerless faucet instead of a rubber washer type or do you even know the difference? Can you figure out how to get the decorative covers off without scraching or otherwise damaging them? How good is your back, your knees, your elbo's, etc? It's not easy laying up under a sink with the creepy / crawly creatures fixing things that you don't do very often. You see, paying a certified plumber a small fee for their knowledge is smart. Call us today.

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